What can I expect in a National Hole-In-One Association hole-in-one promotion package?
For starters, we’ll team you up with a hole-in-one insurance professional who can explain everything to you and help you choose what works best for your corporate outing, charity golf tournament or other event. Our package itself includes promotional materials you will need to combine the thrill of golf with the added enticement of a fantastic hole-in-one prize. Included in this are customized Main hole-in-one sponsor sign, NHIOA-sponsored bonus hole prizes with signs, FedEx delivery plus much more.

What sets National Hole-In-One Association apart from other providers?
For starters, we’re the oldest and largest provider of hole-in-one insurance in the world. We have two contracts: an Industry Standard Contract which is very competitively priced and our Traditional Contract which offers unmatched coverage within the industry. We’ve paid out more than $50,000,000 in prizes and helped with nearly a third of a million golf events. Over the past 30 years of offering hole-in-one insurance coverage, we’ve learned what makes for a successful promotion and we use that knowledge with each and every customer—many of whom we’ve worked with on golf contests and golf prize promotions over the years. The fact that people keep coming back or, better yet, come running back to us after being taken in by a sales pitch from one of the copycat providers, proves we’re the best choice for successful insured contests and prize promotions.

What can I do if I don’t have a large budget?
The first thing you need to do is stop worrying. Golf tournament prizes don’t need to reach seven figures to be attractive. We’ve seen extremely successful events go off with smaller-valued prizes. For instance, when a new Bentley isn’t in the budget, perhaps a one- or two-year lease on an SUV or maybe a nice convertible would work well. The most important thing is to offer a hole-in-one prize that will make people take notice and take action.

What if…
I’ve never run a golf tournament or hole-in-one contest before? Call us Monica Mills at 1-800-527-6944, extension 4513 to order our popular How to Produce a Successful Golf Tournament manual. It’s the best 39 bucks plus shipping or a Million Dollar Shootout for only $69 plus shipping – any 1st timers should invest.

I want to run a promotion, but I don’t want it to be golf related? Visit our sister company, www.GrandPrizePromotions.com and check out the 100+ contest ideas for other exciting prize promotions that don’t involve golf courses, hole-in-one insurance coverage, putting contests, million-dollar shootouts or anything requiring a club and our favorite little white ball.

I’ve been asked to put together a fundraiser in a very, very, VERY short timeframe? A charity golf tournament or charity golf event can be set up very quickly. If you prefer, our experienced golf prize counselors can suggest ideas that have worked for our clients in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia and other locations around the world. Give them a call at 888-446-1904.

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