Million Dollar Shootouts

In today’s world of $10 million Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes and $300 million-plus lottery prizes, who wants to win just $1,000,000? If our clients are right, just about everybody does. Your organization can make it possible for someone in your community to aim for that cool million with National Hole-In-One Association’s Million-Dollar Shootout!

The excitement you generate and the word-of -mouth value you receive by making a million dollar grand prize possible is hard to match. Your event can be the talk of the town. A million-dollar shootout is a highly visible and memorable way to raise money for charity and to generate great publicity and exposure for sponsors.

National Hole-In-One Association’s Million Dollar Shootout can work like this:
You create a special green on a golf range.
For several days, you or the club will sell golf balls to competing golfers—usually for anywhere from a dollar to five bucks.
Most of the time, proceeds from these sales go directly to the selected charity.
Any golfer who makes a hole in one advances to the final $1,000,000 hole-in-one competition, as does the golfer who comes closest to the pin each day.
Qualifiers take part in the million-dollar shootout at a predetermined time and place.

It’s that easy. The risk of a golfer winning a hole-in-one prize is covered through National Hole-In-One Association. In the event one of your contestants scores an ace during the final competition, NHIOA will pay for the prize.

It’s a win-win golf prize event! Golf charity fundraisers receive much-needed funds and golfers, families and other supporters have a blast, creating long-lasting memories trying to sink a MILLION DOLLAR hole-in-one shot!

King of Aces

Bring ‘The King in for a Swing’ at your next golf outing. Imagine the excitement of having the PGA World Record holder of hole-in-ones to MC and host your event. Mancil Davis, National Hole-In-One’s Director of Golf Operations, is available for personal appearances to take your event to the next level. Mancil will appear on behalf of the event or sponsors and play a shot with each group in the event. For additional information, contact Mancil at or toll free at 877-368-2260.
Million Dollar Shootouts and Special Appearances

  • Mancil has managed hundreds of $1,000,000 Hole-In-One Shootout events including JACKPOT formats and is available to help you and your organization with running shootout or golf contest with his fully equipped event trailer.
  • Contact Mancil Davis for a price quote on equipment rental, event management services or emceeing your event at 1-877-368-2260 or e-mail him at You may also want to visit his web site at
Mancil Davis

“I recently attended a charity fundraiser that ran a putting contest right where everyone attending the reception could see it. It was a great way to build excitement for everyone—golfers and non-golfers alike. The organizer told me after the event that he got rave reviews from everyone—even people who have never picked up a club but who got caught up in the excitement of the contest.”

– Mancil Davis, King of Aces and NHIOA Golf Director

For more information or to get a no-obligation National Hole-In-One Association Million-Dollar Shootout quote, call 1-888-446-1904.

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