Putting Contest Insurance

A putting contest can be a great add-on to your hole-in-one prize promotion. Actually, a putting contest can be a standalone golf prize event, too. Whichever fits your needs, the professionals at National Hole-In-One Association are ready to help design a successful golf outing event that generates added enthusiasm and participation.

If you’re holding a golf tournament, you can stage a putting contest during it, hold one as a lead-in before the event or use it as an exciting way to close out the day. The chance to win an extra special prize is simply icing on the cake for those who take part.

Putting contests are popular with all participants of all ages, because players of any skill level can have a chance at winning the big prize! They’re well received at corporate outings, because they can engage everyone from the sales exec, whose second office may well be on the links, to the clerk who faithfully carries out his or her duties back at headquarters each and every day.

Charity fundraisers and non-profits love offering extra golf prizes through putting contests, because they represent an opportunity to bring in additional money for their cause. You’d be amazed at how many people—whether or not they’re golfers—are willing to shell out a few bucks for a shot at qualifying to win the big prize.

Sponsors find them attractive because they serve to bring everyone together in one spot. Not only do sponsors benefit from dedicated golf signage at the putting contest location. They also have a chance to mingle and talk with contestants and build relationships that lead to future sales!

To incorporate a putting contest and prize insurance into your next golf event, call 888-446-1904

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